My cousin and dear friend passed away this week and I’m heartbroken.  He left behind some thrilling art and music, released under various names/guises.  Here is a great writeup of his work and above is one of his more fun pieces.  

If you like witch house/grave wave/new industrial/what the hell ever you want to call it, you will love his shit.  In fact if you like those things you already know who he was: P0/\/YB0Y, ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖİŞŢ, F46907, Blair Shynola.  

The folks at Witchbook are paying tribute to him now in their recent posts.

livejournal repository of art/gifs/horrorporn/insanity


myspace / soundcloud 1 / soundcloud 2

I feel like sharing all this here because even though he was public with his art he never really tried to gain attention, or fame or money; in fact I feel like it never occurred to him to do so and maybe he had no idea how many people loved him and his work from however afar.  But it’s great stuff.

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    I never met him but he was friend of friends. Several people went out and got HIV tested after he died. We didn’t...
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    RIP. Magic boy.
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